Positioning Of AdSense Ads On Your Website For Maximum Earnings

After using AdSense for some time you must have started to ask yourself if there’s anything you could do to enhance your AdSense based takings. But before you go on messing with this and that set-up you have got to realize two things about positioning that can increase your CTR and passive AdSense income.

The first thing you really should know is that there is no universal position that’s assured to enhance your revenues. That having been said, the part above about experimenting is meant to be taken literally. You have to try as many setups as you can to work out the answer with the best benefit.

But naturally, certain places usually work better than others. Of course, Google recognizes this and they publish a “heat map” of how much revenue ads placed in certain portions of the page can bring you. Experimenting is frequently the best way you will find, what suits the subconscious mind of your audience.

Generally, the most successful adverts are placed in the main content, sometimes right above it. But this is by no means a rule and there are some exceptions to it. One known exception is having a reports site or something similar to a new site.

If this is your case, you may frequently realize that you generate more earnings by placing your ads at the bottom of the content, right before comments begin. This is as users finish reading a tale, they have a short moment where they’re searching for something more to do. And your AdSense ads can offer them that something.

Also, placing adverts to the left side of your page seems to work better virtually all of the time. Naturally, this is logical because the text is generally written from left to right ( unless you come from certain states where it’s the other way around ).

Folk will finish a sentence and return their eyes to the left position, which suggests they have a higher chance of spotting your advertisements.

Also, there’s a little more to this than just having advertisements visually in the right spot. If you have more then one ad you have got to fret about where they are located in the code too. And there’s a very good reason for this concern.

AdSense fills the adverts in the order it finds them in the source. That means that if the first add you have in the code isn’t the one creating the highest money, you may shortly start to lose money, rather then earn more.

This is because if AdSense doesn’t have any more ads it’ll supplement your space with public service adverts or simply leave it blank altogether. That means that, if you’re unlucky, you might end up with your most lucrative locations not having any good advertisements at all. To supplement your earnings

There are other issues with how many advertisements you need to place on your internet site. The problem is that if you have too many, rather then create more income, you’ll have a lower click-through rate, as visitors tend not to follow advertisements from the places where these come in excess.

You’ve got to consistently maintain a record of the way the users have interaction with your internet site. Keep an eye open for where the visitors will be looking at your site most. This is generally the place where you would like to use your first ads. Also try not to place advertisements in exasperating positions as that will guarantee a lower click thru rate.

Naturally, you always have to have advertisements that mix in with your content and usually do not make the visitor’s presence on your internet site a horrible one. The key is providing a pleasurable experience for your visitor, whilst creating earnings from their exploration.

And again, ultimately the best cash will be earned through a lot of experimentation. Be certain to use AdSense’s channels feature and be on the search for how certain adverts in your pages are doing while altering the positions to better supplement your revenues.

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