How Much Might You Make Out Of Adsense?

There are masses of rumors and false information circulating concerning the Google Adsense program and ample of people wondering how much can be made through it. So let’s put some of those rumors to bed and look at what can be made and some facts and figures!

One popular misconception around the Google Adsense program is that the portion of the payment that you get varies depending on plenty of metrics. Some people worry that to get the maximum revenue out of Google you should only display adverts on high click through pages and adverts on pages that don’t get clicked will reduce your portion of the payout.

This is wrong!

First, sign into your Adsense account and go to the My Account tab across the top. Scroll down to the bottom to Property Information section (right at the bottom of the page) and there is a declaration there as to the percentage of each click’s cost that you are earning. And that is 68% on content clicks and 51% on search clicks. As you might see these quantities are fixed. So forget these tips that you are punished if your click rate is low – that’s for Google Adwords.

What is the earning likely?
So for clicks on adverts within your content, you are earning 68% of what the advertiser is paying for that position. Therefore, maximizing what they are paying is all that is limiting how much you earn per click. And for this, we have to look at your niche. If your site is in a high paying market, for instance, financials, then a few dollars per click is not unusual and I have even experienced far more than that. However, in niches where there is not much advertiser competition you might be looking at $0.01 per click or less!

If you are wondering where you fall in the scale then do several searches that are relevant to your website and see how numerous adverts are appearing to the side of the screen.

After that, the merely limit is your own visitors. The more traffic on your website the more opportunities of getting clicks. Well, sort of.

It is not only how plenty of people are on your site, but what sort of people are there. If you have thousands of regular readers on your website every day then you might actually have a lower income than with a few hundred traffic finding your site every day. Regular readers are more loyal and less likely to click off your site than someone who is browsing and content to click around for a while.

Your site’s Adsense earning budding
There are three factors then that determine your income potential:

1) How profitable your niche is
2) How numerous visitors you are getting
3) Whether your traffic is mainly loyal or passing through

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